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LaRosa’s of Hartford has been making the finest Italian sausages in the industry for four generations.  We honor the family tradition today by crafting our sausages fresh daily from the freshest and finest ingredients available. Our goal is to produce the finest quality sausages, while being the best value for you our customer.

We manufacture Italian sausage that has no preservatives or fillers and made fresh everyday under USDA inspection. We presently supply some of the finest restaurants and pizzerias in the area.

Our sausage comes in sweet, medium and hot. Linked, rope, or loose. We also manufacture garlic and tomato sausage as well as barbecue style and sun dried tomato, basil and cheese flavors. As you know, the sign of a good restaurant or pizzeria is when they use fresh products and locally grown produce. We have a close relationship with our supplier. We know where our meat comes from. Our meat arrives on a weekly basis always fresh, never frozen. 

Remember when you order your sausage from us, it was made the day you order it and delivered to you the next day.  When you order from a large food supplier your sausage was made weeks before and then frozen waiting to be sold.

Buying from us is a win/win situation.  Not only are you buying something that will enhance your recipes or pizzas bringing in more revenue, but you are also helping a local supplier.  It puts money back into our local economy which in turn makes your business grow.

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