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Daily lunch specials, Giant grinders, Panini and Salads!


We Cater Parties for all occasions!

Corporate functions, Office Holiday parties, Cocktail parties, receptions, Graduations, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Etc.




Our own LaRosa’s Italian sausage, perfect for stuffing...$4.49lb loose or linked

Cheese lasagna small tray 8-12people...$40.00

Meat & cheese Lasagna small tray 8-12people...$45.00

Chicken/ spinach (tomato or béchamel sauce) small tray 8-12people...$45.00

Vegetable lasagna small tray 8-12people $45.00

Ricotta stuffed shells small tray 8-12people $40.00

Spinach, sausage, and ricotta stuffed shells small tray 8-12people $45.00

Sausage and peppers small tray 8-12people $40.00

Meatballs in sauce small tray 8-12people $40.00

Eggplant parmesan small tray 8-12people $40.00

Eggplant rollatini (ricotta or prosciutto/cheese filling) $45.00 9x13 tray

Tortino di melanzane (eggplant torte) LG $55.00 25/30 serve –Sm $45.00 10-15 serv

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This weeks lunch specials!

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Sept. 15TH 2014 to Sept. 20TH, 2014



Chicken soup…..$3.50 serv.

Stuffed pepper (beef/rice filling) served with shells in tomato basil sauce…$10.99

Swedish meatballs with butter sage noodles...$10.99

Roasted turkey wrap, lettuce, tomato, Monterey jack cheese and mayo/macaroni salad…$8.50


Pork tenderloin with red and green peppers, mushrooms and new roasted potatoes…$10.99 dinner

Grilled chicken with sautéed onions, mushrooms and Swiss topping served over saffron rice and broccoli…$10.99

Baked macaroni and cheese…$6.99 lb.

Our own oven roast of beef on rye with lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese and horseradish cream /side of coleslaw and pickle…$8.50


Beef barley soup….$3.50 serv.

Crispy chicken breast dinner with au gratin potatoes and string beans…$10.99

Beef stew over rice…$10.99

Mezze rigatoni with meat sauce…$6.99 lb.

Grilled chicken on focaccia with arugula, tomato, chopped onion, asiago/ creamy pesto…$7.50


Chicken Marsala with spaghetti, garlic, oil and red crushed pepper…$10.99

Pan-fried crispy flounder dinner braised spinach, chickpeas and rice medley…$10.99

Fresh Cavatelli pasta all ‘a Amatriciana sauce…$6.99 lb.

Chipotle chicken wrap, lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese/side of macaroni salad…$8.50


Lentil and sausage soup….$3.50 serv.

Meat and cheese lasagna…$6.99 lb.

Broccoli, sausage and cheese bread…..$7.00

Ind. Broccoli rabe and sausage pizza…$7.00

Cheese pizza….$2.00 slice combo. Pizza….$2.50 slice


Hot and cold deli sandwiches, Panini, wraps, and salads